Sunday, October 5, 2014

Confederation Reborn

Several years ago I began a project called Return Fire, set in the Star Trek universe approximately fifty years after The Next Generation. Because it was a licensed property,there was always little hope of doing anything beyond publishing it as "fan fiction" and giving it away for free.
That didn't bother me. I love giving books away, but because there are only a few limited outlets for "fan fiction" it was only read by a small handful of people. Needless to say, time passed, and I only ever wrote two of the three episodes.
There were two brief glimmers of hope for Return Fire. First, Amazon began offering licenses for various properties, including Vampire Diaries, GI Joe, etc. I became hopeful that they'd get Star Trek as well, but that didn't happen.
Then, I asked my agent to contact the Star Trek rights holders directly and see if they'd be interested in letting me take a crack at it. As far as I know, they never even emailed him back.
Judging from the abysmal quality of what passes for Star Trek fiction these days, I can't say I'm either surprised or disappointed by that. As anyone who knows me will attest, when enough people tell me no, I tend to come out swinging.
Thus: Confederation Reborn.
I am beyond excited to announce that I am heading up an incredible new project that will unite multiple best-selling science fiction authors. We'll all be coming together under one banner, to reignite the flames of wonder. Kicking things of will be Return Fire, parts 1, 2 and 3. I've written all three before publishing anything, because I want them to all release on the same day. No one will have to wait.
After that, my good friend Tony Healey and I will be releasing another three-parter set in the same universe.
And after that...well, it's just going to keep on growing.
Thank you to everyone over the past few years who asked me about Return Fire. I'm so glad to tell you that it will be finished soon, and the wait has been worth it.
I'll keep everyone posted as to when it is coming out.

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