Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Facebook Author Page Hit 400 Likes!

On Hitting 400 Likes...

First, Please share the Ears for Emily link below and help spread the word. It kills me to think of something as paltry as money being the only thing stopping this baby from getting the operations she needs. Even if you just PayPal a few of the loose dollars sitting in your account it's something...

On another note. My Facebook Author page broke 400 Likes today. Been thinking of something special to do when that happened and I think I might have an idea. Should be fun. 

I should really go to bed now. Haven't been feeling well the past few days but I've had a lot to do and there is more yet to come. I need to clear the slate and finish up Tiny Dragons 2. It's so close to being done it's not funny. After that, Grendel 4. GU4 is already written in my head, and when it comes out, it will blow your mind. It's funny but you'd think that because I'm the author, nothing surprises me about my own story. Quite the contrary. It's like I'm sitting in front of the roller coaster and have the first view of exactly how insane this ride is about to get. 

There will be blood, sweat and tears before this first storyline is done, my friends. And that's just what will leak out of me while I write it. 

I know a guy whose a much more successful author than I am, and has been doing it a lot longer. I really respect him and he's been a sort of guru to me about independent publishing and always made time for me when I was just starting out. He was the first person I know to quit a regular job and go full-time Kindle author. 

But he never raises his voice about anything except his own work. 

No cries out against injustice, no attempts to motivate his audience to do something important, no use of his prominent position to do anything except tell you how awesome his life is. 

I might not have his success but I can honestly say I wouldn't want it if it meant not using my voice to say what I believe. My work, be it in my most sophisticated novels or simplest email response to a kind reader, is from the heart. 

If you read my work, you know me. You know where I stand, and why I stand there. I'd like to take a second to thank you for standing there with me. 

I love every single one of you. 

Thank you for giving volume to my voice. I hope you have or find a way or a thing that you are committed to enough to give volume to your own. 

Any of you who've gotten an Authorgraph from me know I always sign them "Truly Yours." It's because I truly am, and I always will be. 

Truly Yours, 



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