Friday, March 21, 2014

Get Started on Your Next Favorite SciFi Series NOW for FREE

This weekend, several amazing science fiction stories are listed for free on Amazon. You can get started on your next favorite SciFi series right now, at no cost. Even better, with the release of Grendel Unit 2 upon us, Tony Healey and I have made both parts of Sun Hammer free as well.
Click any of the below links to go grab some of the coolest, most exciting speculative fiction you'll ever read.

Grendel Unit 1: Bad Day at Khor-wa
Part 1 of the science fiction saga about a team of black ops soldiers saving the universe from terrorism. 
Far From Home & Grendel Unit: Sun Hammer Part 1 "The Eyes Of The Enemy"
The team up of the smash best-selling Far From Home series and the Grendels, written by Amazon Top 100 science fiction author, Tony Healey
Grendel Unit & Far From Home: Sun Hammer Part 2 "Suicide Planet"
The second installment, written by yours truly
Far From Home 1: Legend
Get started on Tony Healey's best-selling series about Captain Jessica King and her crew. 
Stranded (The Hroza Connection Part 0)
William Vitka's intelligent science fiction adventure for the working man

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