Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fire Goes Out: Why I Discontinued Star Trek Return Fire

It's with a heavy heart that I must announce the early end of my Star Trek series, Return Fire. I will not be writing the third and final installment, and thus, fans will never know how the tale of Liam O'Brien and his fight against the Borg ends.
That's it. It's over, Johnny. Get off my lawn.
All right, all right, I have some good news about the series too, but first let me say why I'm discontinuing it.
First and foremost, when I began writing Return Fire, I knew it would never be published as an official Star Trek series. I knew it, and yet I went with it anyway, because I felt compelled to. And sure enough, the further along I got in the telling of the tale, the more I fell in love with it and wanted to see it blossom.
Essentially, I became the woman who dates George Clooney.
She knows he won't ever settle down, knows he refuses to change, but secretly in the back of her mind she thinks if she loves him enough and proves herself enough, it will all work out in the end. And then, when it doesn't, she just has to pull the plug and try to move on.
Well, George, I speak for all the women who have moved on when I say that Return Fire deserves better than that. Return Fire is a good story. It's not fanfiction. It's not a b-side. It's a good, solid, science fiction story that builds on universal themes and it deserves an audience.
I love Star Trek, but they didn't invent the space opera wheel. There is plenty of common subject matter to go around and with the right refitting and adjustment, Return Fire can live and grow into something beautiful.
So, here's the part about the good news.
Return Fire will be back. It will be back bigger, badder, and bolder than before. Most importantly, it will be all mine, and all yours too.
Live long and prosper.
To pour a little salt in the wound, here is what the final installment's cover would have looked like. It was done by my friend Tony Healey, and deserved to be seen.
Star Trek: Return Fire 
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the series and left reviews and sent me emails. I'm still a Trekkie, a Trekker, a Trek-head (I think I just coined that phrase) and have nothing but love for the fandom. I promise that you will recognize Return Fire in its new form, and that this will all be worth it. Stay tuned for more details to come. 

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