Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Special Exclusive Billionaire's Apprentice Offer!

As a way of saying thank you to the readers who come to this page, we're authorizing a special exclusive early release of Billionaire's Apprentice for just .99! This offer will last one day only, because on Monday, it's official release date, it will be back up to its normal price. Hurry now and grab it while you can!
About Billionaire's Apprentice...
There is a world of amazing things for those who hold the key...and this is what discovering them looks like.
On the day Tori Winters arrives at the estate of the world's richest man, she is a struggling young woman just trying to pay for her final semester at school. Her car barely makes it up the driveway, her credit cards are beyond maxed out, and she's wearing her best pair of flats, straight off of Payless's discount rack.
From the moment Miss Chen looks down on Tori, the red soles of her unmistakable Christian Louboutin shoes peeking over the edges of the mansion's marble staircase, it's clear she isn't impressed. But a mysterious phone call instructs Miss Chen to hire Tori on the spot, an event that will change this young woman's life immeasurably.
Readers are in for a wild ride with Billionaire's Apprentice, the first in a series of romantic thrillers featuring the dashing and mysterious Dorian Atticus.
Filled with intrigue, suspense, and wonderful descriptions of what life can truly be if you have no limits, as long as you are willing to seize the moment when opportunity arrives.
About Chase Carroway...
Chase Carroway is the most mysterious author in modern fiction. According to Chase's publisher, the manuscript for Billionaire's Apprentice arrived early one morning in a bound-leather volume, tied in a scarlet red ribbon. There was a note attached to the manuscript that read, "If you are interested in publishing my Billionaire's series, please deposit any and all funds to a Swiss Bank Account bearing the following digits..."
Chase's work exhibits an intimate familiarity with the lives of the rich and influential, making frequent reference to cutting-edge art, fashion, and luxury design.
Please direct all inquiries about Chase to Dia de los Toros Publications.

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