Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 Books Free Today...2 Very, Very Different Books

I listed two titles free today (and possibly tomorrow) on Amazon that are about as wildly different as you can get.
Tiny Dragons 1: The Sky Dragons is a heartwarming tale about a child who meets a monster and begins a series of wonderful journeys together.
Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes is a tale about a child who becomes a monster and begins a series of journeys to the East End in an effort to eat people.
So...uh...plan your purchases accordingly.
In all honesty, Tiny Dragons is meant to be a children's book, but adults will enjoy it too. It's not written "down" to children and was meant to give parents something they could read their little ones before bed that they'd also enjoy.
And as far as Whitechapel goes, it isn't just a tale of gore and shock. It goes much deeper than that. I wanted to give people an accurate account of what the Ripper did, but also of the times he lived in, which played an important role in the crimes as well. Traditional Holmes fans have been somewhat upset about the portrayal of the Great Detective, and they have valid complaints, if all you are expecting is yet another rehash of Doyle. This is my particular view of Holmes, and Watson, and the others. If you are a Sherlockian, which I consider myself to be, you can be assured of one thing: You've never seen it done like this before.
TINY DRAGONS 1 and WHITECHAPEL, free on Kindle today.


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