Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whitechapel GE Free, Discounted Titles + More!

Amazon is running excellent deals on several of my books right now that I wanted to pass on to you. It's the perfect time of year to save every penny, so I'm happy to offer some truly excellent content to your Kindle for the holidays.
First and foremost, sign up for the newsletter using the box to the right of this post. I will be sending out a gift to everyone who subscribes to the newsletter and it will be worth it, I promise. 
Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes (Gentleman's Edition) is free on Amazon right now. This is the new edition of Whitechapel, featuring brand new cover art by Keri Knutson and my final edit on the book. If you aren't normally a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper books, give this a shot (or the original edition, which is a bloody, gory, explicit nightmare of a book) because it is like nothing done in the genre before.
The original Superbia is discounted to .99 for the next day or so, as part of the Kindle Countdown Deal. The book is put on a schedule to gradually increase in price back up to its original $2.99. Hurry before it hits the next price bump!
Agent Omega: You Only Live Forever is discounted to .99 for the rest of the year as my way of apologizing to people who downloaded a subpar version of it on the day of release. I accidentally uploaded an uncorrected copy and people were not happy, to say the least. I've since fixed the error and everything is back to normal. 
Last but not least, Regarding Freemasonry is also discounted on Amazon right now, and it's $1.99. It will be going back up to its actual price point soon, so if you're interested in watching me make fun of all the conspiracy theorists and explaining the actual truth about the Freemasons, dig in. 

That's all for now, folks. Hope you're doing well. Take care! 

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