Friday, December 20, 2013

The Superbia Series in Order, and More

The Superbia series is rapidly expanding beyond a simple 1-2-3 numbering scheme, so I want to lend a little help to people looking to read the stories in order.
They are as follows
Superbia 1
Superbia 2
Superbia 3
Cheese Wrestling (features Cole Clayton, the Chief of Police from the small town Frank visits in Superbia 2)
Snake Wine (Coming Soon, and will show what Frank has been up to since the events of Superbia 3)
Additional Titles
Way of the Warrior (while this non-fiction guide does not feature the characters of Superbia, it is my personal view on police work. If you are trying to understand what makes these guys tick, you will enjoy this short book. If you are on The Job and need a few tips, a few laughs, and some affirmation of why you do what you do, you need to read this.)
Superbia Collected Edition (includes Superbia 1-2, and Way of the Warrior)
Superbia 1-3 The Frank O'Ryan Trilogy (features the first three books, for all the hordes of screaming Frank O'Ryan fans who come flocking to the series after Snake Wine. He said hopefully...)
There will be a Superbia 4, and I am planning a few other expansions that should certainly prove interesting.
I will keep you updated as they appear.
Take care, and I hope your holiday preparations are going well.

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