Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On December 24th: Thirsty BLADE

On December 24th, 2013, I will be releasing Thirsty Blade on Amazon, and also sending it free to all my newsletter subscribers. You can sign up for the newsletter using the box to the right. There will be many more updates, giveaways, etc. via the newsletter coming in the new year so make sure you are signed up!
Thirsty Blade is a reworking of my short story The Kyoshi Scroll and has nearly doubled in size.
When I first wrote TKS, I was writing it for publication in a print magazine. I know, I know, boo! hiss! I was trying to cram a lot of big ideas into a small space, and much was sacrificed. When I looked back on the story I found that I had more to say.
In fact...
Even after I finished writing Thirsty Blade, I still have more to say. But there will be more on that later in the new year, I promise. For now, prepare yourselves to journey to feudal Japan with samurai Takuan Munenori and his ancestral sword. It thirsts...for...zombie...bloooooooood.
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