Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Girl From Tenerife

“A work of powerful literature that is sure to leave your spirit lifted and your heart broken,” Tony Healey, author of Far From Home. 
The Girl From Tenerife is a beautiful story about love, passion, and loss. It is a haunting tribute to the older generation of writers who influenced the author, his love of the craft, and makes his case for the right to stand among them. 
It is a novel about searching for your one true love. About what happens both when you find them and when you lose them. It's a novel about the craft of writing. About what it means to write something that truly matters. Something that will change the status quo.
In this stunning new novel, international best-selling author Bernard Schaffer has taken himself away from genre fiction and accomplished something truly unique. He has created a piece of literary art.

AUGUST 2nd, 2013
Dia De Los Toros

From Schaffer: "I knew when I finished The Girl From Tenerife I wouldn't be able to write a proper product description for it. "This is the story about my entire life and all my hopes and fears and dreams and loss and pain and refusing to give up," just wouldn't have a proper ring to it.
So I asked a few good friends to read the book and based on their emails and responses I've put something together that I think gives people a proper idea of what the book is about. 
Thank you to everyone who helped me. I mean that."

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