Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Official Guns of Seneca 6 Movie Casting List

A friend of mine on Facebook asked me if Hollywood had called yet to cast the Superbia series for a TV show.  No, actually.  The furthest I got was an email from a producer who was considering purchasing the film rights.  That was over a year ago.  Something tells me not to hold my breath.
But fear not. As I've said before, I don't write books because I want to make movies.  I write books because I love the craft and whether or not Tinseltown notices is not up to me.  Nor do I care.  Still, it's fun to give readers a glimpse of what I see in my mind when I imagine casting a film for one of my books.  Bear one thing in mind, though.  This is just my vision, and it might not match yours.  The day I pressed "Publish" on the book is the day I transferred custody of it from my sole possession into all of the world's.
I've begun with Guns of Seneca 6.

Sheriff Sam Clayton
I know, I know, people think of Nathan Fillion as Sam Clayton, and I'd be willing to consider it, but the bald truth is, I based Jem Clayton (at least, the Gentleman Jim aspect of him whom we first meet) on Brad Pitt's portrayal of Jesse James in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.  Being that Brad has aged a little since, and is a damn fine actor, and that Jem and Sam look so much alike, I think he's the natural choice.
Given that Sam would have relatively little screen time, he'd need to be played by someone iconic who could make a massive impact that's felt throughout the rest of the film.  The same way Sam's loss is felt throughout the rest of the book.  Well, series, actually.
PNDA Marshal Jimmy McParlane
Sure, Clint Eastwood is the obvious choice, but he's also 82 years old.  I think Jeff Bridges would do a good job.  I was impressed with him in True Grit.
Royce Henry "Doc" Halladay
Well here's a no brainer.  Do I even need to say this?
Of course, since Halladay is in his 60's, it would make perfect sense for Kilmer to play him as an older, worn out version of his Tombstone persona.  I swear, there will be no Guns of Seneca 6 movie without Val Kilmer.  Not unless there's some miracle of an actor who can say, "I'm your huckleberry" in a way that makes my back shiver.

William "Little Willie" Harpe
Big leap right, saying you want Daniel Day-Lewis in a movie.  The fact is, he's got just the right amount of verbose dignified psychotic in him to pull off everything that the Harpe roll would require.  What a joy it would be to watch him do the scenes where Little Willie and his brother merge. 

Anna Willow
I'm not sure about this one to be honest.  I would never have said Winona before because my first thought is that she's too pretty.  I don't picture Anna as a pretty girl.  I picture her as a handsome woman.  Refined and serious, who doesn't really need a man.  Then I thought about Winona in the Star Trek movie, how she looked older and had that gray streak in her hair.  I found a couple pictures of her and it's pretty clear she's not afraid to show her wrinkles, and I admire that.  
Let's say I'd give the girl a screen test and see how she did.  What the hell, with the Burton movies and Star Trek, she's a genre icon.  
Jem Clayton
Tough, tough, tough. 
No matter who gets cast, I'd struggle with the idea of anyone playing Jem.  I think it'd be hyper critical no matter what poor bastard signed on.  
There are certain actors with the right look.  
This guy for instance
Jonathan Rhys Meyers would have to put on about twenty pounds, but I think he'd understand the role.  Jem Clayton has demons that he's struggling to overcome and there is definitely a dark side.  I think Meyers and I could come to an understanding about that.  

And for an added bonus: 
The soundtrack would be courtesy of this maniac
My brother, the one and only, Hank Williams III. 
May the Outlaws Rise Again