Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Far From Home & Grendel Unit Crossover Event "Sun Hammer"

Several months ago Tony Healey approached me with the idea of writing a crossover story between his best-selling Far From Home series and my new Grendel Unit books.  I jumped at the chance.
I've known Tony for a few years now, and he's experienced well-deserved success with his books.  We're both very familiar with each others work, and best of all, we use the same editor, Laurie Laliberte.  That was the vital part for me, really.
Laurie knows the worlds of Far From Home and Grendel Unit as well as we do, and by reading it all as one book, she was able to make sure it fit in terms of continuity and feel.  On top of that, she let us read the notes she compiled for both of us, and all I can say is, damn.  I'm just glad she's as tough on other people as she is me.
The Process
At the beginning, Tony and I emailed each other back and forth with story ideas, fleshing out something that would work as a two-part story that gave both universes an equal share.
Because Tony agreed to go first, and I was still working on Superbia 3, he was able to knock out a first draft      before I even got started.  It was far easier that way, because my section was written as a natural extension
of his, instead of some ham-fisted attempt at shoehorning two different stories together and calling it a day. 
I sent him several notes as I began to work on my story in order to make things more cohesive.  He sent me several notes back on mine to clear up details about the Defiant and crew.
Once we received all our notes (homework, really) from LL, we both agreed to upload the complete book at the same time so that readers can enjoy it all at once.
The Story
Far From Home & Grendel Unit: Sun Hammer Part 1 "Eyes of the Enemy"
A weapon of mass destruction, the most powerful ever created . . . Sonjiin, the galaxy's most dangerous terrorist . . . and the crew of the Defiant. All that stands stand between civilization and obliteration!
Grendel Unit & Far From Home: Sun Hammer 2 "Suicide Planet"
Sonjiin the madman has escaped Jessica King and the crew of the Defiant by tearing a hole in the universe and tumbling into an alternate dimension. Carrying a weapon of unimaginable devastation, Sonjiin decides to visit his home world and see what has become of his people in this strange, new place.
Nearby, the elite space black ops team called Grendel Unit is sent to investigate the Sun Hammer's unusual radiation signature from that forbidden planet, and capture or kill anything they find.

On behalf of Tony, Laurie, and myself, I invite you all to check out the brand new crossover between Far From Home and Grendel Unit: Sun Hammer.  Be sure to check out the other Far From Home and Grendel Unit titles for non-stop sci-fi action.

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