Monday, March 25, 2013

Gay Marriage: The USA Returns to Glory

Tomorrow the United States Supreme Court will begin hearings to determine the legality of laws that ban gay marriage.  The time has come for all Americans, even those so diametrically opposed to the idea based on their religious convictions, to decide which side they are on.  Are you an American or not? 
I, for one, am on the side of our founding fathers.  
When the US Constitution was drafted in 1776, here's what it had to say about any kind of marriage, including gay marriage: Nothing.  
It said, very simply, very elegantly, that all citizens were entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."  It goes without saying there were homosexuals in the 1700's, just as there were in the 1600's, 1500's and any other point in time in history.  It's not as if nobody had ever heard of the idea.  Apparently, our storied ancestral countrymen had better things to worry about.  
Of course, the real argument isn't whether gay marriage is against American values.  It is about religion.  It is about various churches who cling to the dogma that being gay is a sin and unnatural.  You are all entitled to whatever religious beliefs you choose to embrace (That's also guaranteed by the Constitution) but what our Founding Fathers fought so adamantly against was that anyone's religious beliefs would interfere with the governance of the nation. 
In short: You may not agree with it. You may hate it.  You may decry it from the highest mountaintop.  But you cannot stop it and you cannot make it illegal.  
Tomorrow, I ask the Supreme Court to return us once more to our great selves.   
We are at our worst as a nation when we give in to our fears and prejudices.  
We are at our best when we stare those same fears and prejudices directly in the face and say, "I will not be intimidated from doing what is right." 
The United States of America is at its best when it leads the way for all of humanity.  When people around the world look once more to the west to see a nation of people who will fight to the death to defend Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  
Tomorrow, the Supreme Court has the opportunity to make a stand against the jackals who gnash their teeth so furiously in their efforts to scare us.  Have faith, judges.  History will vindicate those who are stout of heart in the name of freedom.  
As a patriot, humanist, and free thinker, I support Gay Marriage and equality for all people.  I encourage you to to do the same.  
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