Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Connection Between Superbia and Grendel Unit

For weeks, I've been hinting about the return of my most infamous literary character, Not-Even-Promoted Detective Vic Ajax from Superbia.  Vic is Dead, Long Live Vic, I wrote.
This left more than a few readers scratching their heads, because Vic's fate at the end of Superbia was, shall we say, definite.  So did I pull a Marvel Comics and simply undo the past?  Did I dupe readers a la Dallas and pretend it was just a dream.
Vic Ajax is dead, and he's not coming back.  His old partner Frank will have to carry on without him.
But that was then and this is now.

Several hundred years in the future, humanity has spread to multiple planets and made contact with a wide variety of alien lifeforms.  Under the banner of Unification, they've sought to extend their reach and philosophies, sometimes by legitimate means and sometimes by military or economic force. 
As with any government, there are dirty jobs that need to be done.  Enemies that need to silenced.  Terrorist cells that need to be eliminated.  That's when they call the Grendel Unit.  
Captain Victor Cojo leads his four man team of covert operatives all over the galaxy, but when a maniac blows up an elementary school, they'll stop at nothing to exact revenge.   

So, Vic, and his Lieutenant, Frank Kelly, are essentially the same two characters from the Superbia books.  There's no strange time travelling involved.  No odd cross-over stories.
The sophisticated answer is that I named their ship Samsara and used other terms relating to reincarnation was that I'm slyly telling loyal readers that Vic finally spent enough time coming back to life as a squirrel, a tree, a woman, and a tree sloth, that he was given another chance at being a man again.  Because he's him, he naturally fell into a role of leadership in an unconventional military unit.  Because Frank's Frank, they naturally gravitated toward one another.
That's the long answer.
Short version?
I missed my guys.  Wanted them with me on this new adventure.
So, like I said, Vic is dead.  Long live Vic.

Grendel Unit: Bad Day at Khor-wa is the first entry in the series, a novella that introduces readers to Vic, Frank, Bob Buehl, and their enormous mantipor companion, Monster.  It's available for .99 on Kindle right now.  The fight for the future just got dirty.


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