Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1987 Alan Moore Interview: Lost, then Found

Last year I received word from Vincent, a young French police cadet who'd read Way of the Warrior, and we quickly struck up a friendship.  I told you that I get interesting emails.  Who knew?
As time went on, we began to discuss a wide variety of topics, and as anyone who's ever spoken to me for more than five minutes knows, the bottle may spin and spin but it always lands on one thing: Literature.  Favorite authors, favorite books, of all stripes and creeds.  I play no favorites when it comes to genre and to me, Patrick Suskind is worth a thousand Emily Dickinsons.  You can have Thomas Pynchon (shudder) and James Joyce.  I'll be quite fine with Stephen King and Neal Stephenson.
The one author who is positively, absolutely, not negotiable when discussing the Greats within my presence is Alan Moore.
If you diss Alan Moore and I am there, we are fighting.  Pistols, knives, bazookas, you name it.  I will defend his name unto the bloody end and curse you as a nincompoop if you say otherwise.
So, lo and behold, my good friend Vincent caught wind of one of my discussions about the virtues of our favorite friend from Northamptonshire and happened to mention that oh, once upon a time, his father Christian Lehmann had interviewed the great shaggy man of letters, and had LOST the fecking interview.
Needless to say, I rallied.  I cajoled.  I begged and I plead.  I said, in no small way, PLEASE ask your father to look around and see if he might be able to, just possibly, if he has any decency, find said interview?
And my dear friend Vincent calmly notified me one day that this had been accomplished.
So, after twenty-five years, the interview has been unearthed and republished.  A special thanks goes out to Christian Lehman for finding the piece, and his son Vincent for harassing him until it was done.  As a fan of Alan Moore, let me just say that we are in your debt.
Now, you don't happen to have any lost Charles Bukowski interviews laying around somewhere, do you?

To Read Christian Lehmann's 1987 Interview with Alan Moore, Click this Link  


  1. No Charles Bukowski interviews, I'm sorry. Though I would have loved that, believe you me. Hank came to France for a TV show and memorably tried to fondle one of the female participants. That was ages ago. One small detail: What I found was a transcript of the tape, and even though it's very very very accurate ( you can "hear" him speaking, I think, you can feel the flow of his thoughts, I have not rewritten anything), it is not the complete tape. So I hope to find the original tape in the basement and one day be able to write it down completely... We'll see.

  2. Christian: Thank you for bringing this interview to the public. I bet it was quite an experience.
    I'd never heard that one about Hank. I have seen the video of Serge Gainsbourg trying to fondle Whitney Houston though. French TV must be a wild place.

  3. An experience. Yes, it was. Moore was extremely kind, and profound. I had nothing published to my name then and was just a young kid coming to pay homage. He entered into conversation without any pretense. At one moment, his two female partners ( for lack of a better name) came in with their children and he discussed the fact that they took turns teaching the kids, at home. I HAVE to find that tape. And I'll try to find you the Hank video, it's certainly around. Stay tuned ;-)

  4. This is the most awesome thing I've read all week. Great job, you two!