Friday, January 11, 2013

My Collection of Dr. J iPhone Wallpapers

As a kid growing up in the Philadelphia area it was hard not to be swept up in a love for sports.  The early 80's was a great time for us.
The Phillies won the series in 1980 and went back two more times in just three years.
The Eagles went to the Superbowl in 1980 after winning their first NFC title.
The Flyers were on a tear that brought them handfuls of conference championships.
And finally you had the 76'ers.
It's probably hard for younger generations to imagine it, because we've had nothing but dogs for far too long on the team, but back in the day, the 76'ers were it.  They won conference titles, division titles, and the NBA Championship in 1983.  And sure, there were a bunch of studs on the team, but the man who put asses in the seats (and made them jump out of them, for sure) was Julius Erving.  The doctor.
Dr. J was Michael Jordan before Michael Jordan.  Remember that this is before the days of highlight films and ESPN, and that many of Doc's most amazing moves occurred before games were broadcast like they are now.  You'll see in some of the pics below, I mean, just look at the elevation he got on his dunks.  Look at the grace and majesty as he slams it down.
I'm not a big basketball fan nowadays.
I despise Kobe Bryant and find it hard to cheer for the overpaid crybabies in Miami.  I could probably only name a handful of guys that play for the Sixers, and probably a few of them were traded and I don't know it. But when you look at Doc palming that red white and blue ABA basketball, his afro and beard bigger than life, you know you're looking at a giant.
The images below are not mine.  I found them on Google and resized them and touched them up to make into iPhone wallpapers for my phone because I couldn't find any decent ones.  I thought other people might enjoy them too.  They aren't for sale, just for your personal use, and maybe to inspire you a little along the way.  Enjoy.


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