Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Past + Future of Guns of Seneca 6

A revolver's cylinder has six chambers for six bullets.  With the release of Immaculate Killers, four shots have been fired from GUNS, with only two remaining.  That's okay, though.  The last two are show-stoppers.  Today, for the first time ever, I'll tell you a little bit about what's next.
Chamber One: In Guns of Seneca 6, readers meet Jem Clayton, the hero of the series.  Jem's father, Sheriff Sam Clayton, was murdered when he was a young man under mysterious circumstances, and as a result, Jem has run from everything he's ever known and loved.  An outlaw, known as Gentleman Jim, for the ruthless way he preys on stagecoach drivers and the protectiveness he shows women he encounters on the trail.
An intergalactic marshal crash-lands near Seneca 6 with a criminal so vile that he's wanted for murder and rape all over the galaxy, but the vicious Harpe Gang isn't far behind, and they're going to kill anyone and anything that stands in the way of them rescuing their comrade.  
Along the way, Jem encounters one of his father's old friends, a cantankerous old gambler named "Doc" Halladay.  Doc's spent the past twenty years killing, drinking and trying to forget the deaths of his wife and friend.  Together, the two of them will return to Seneca 6 once more and defend it at any cost.
Chamber Two: Old-Time Lawmen reveals the truth about an incident mentioned in GOS6 about Sheriff Sam Clayton.  It's a tale of justice and revenge where Sam must make a decision about how to deal with one of the most dangerous, despicable people he's ever had the misfortune of encountering.
Chamber Three: Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6  picks up directly after the first novel, showing what Jem's life has become since he returned home and assumed his father's old position of Sheriff.  When a wagon full of bank robbers show up, it's time for Jem to unload his frustrations in more ways than one.  Soon, he's embroiled in an adventure with a crazy old preacher to hunt down a bandit posing as Jem's former alter-ego "Gentleman Jim," except this one is selling kidnapped women to off-world slave traders.  
The three Beothuk boys from the first book return to take on a quest in search of a new Chief for their tribe. Their journey brings them into the company of a fanatical rebel Beothuk who is preparing to make war on the white settlers.
Chamber Four: Immaculate Killers  Set immediately after the Beothuk raid that took place in the opening chapters of GOS6, First Deputy Tom Masters must race across the wasteland with a wagon full of injured people.  A girl named Winnie Graves witnesses Masters' heroics and ultimately, his death, trying to get them to safety.  Five years later, Winnie is in search of the one man alive who can help her get vengeance on the men responsible.  None other than a man named Doc Halladay.
Chamber Five: Guns of the Revolution.  Come on now.  You don't seriously expect me to reveal what happens in this book yet, do you?  Okay, I'll tell you this much.  Seneca's territorial governor wants to transform the wasteland so that the PNDA can install high-speed train lines that stretch across the planet's surface.  Any threat to that plan is going to either be relocated or wiped out, including the Beothuk tribes and guerrilla-fighter Jem Clayton. The revolution is coming.   
Chamber Six: His Last Ride.

Chambers One through Three are available in the Guns of Seneca 6 Collected Edition for one low price.  It also includes supplemental materials not previously available.

Make sure to check the Apiary Society Wiki for detailed background on the characters and places mentioned in the Guns of Seneca 6 books.  Learn what real-life events and people inspired the saga.

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