Monday, December 3, 2012

Laurie Laliberte: Goddess of Editing

I get emails from people asking me about writing and editing and who I'd recommend to them.  Here's my advice in a nutshell:
Get a hold of Laurie Laliberte.
I recently updated my quote on her editorial services page, and I just want to re-post it here so there is no mistake about it.  What I say is true:
"I see the quote of mine Laurie used above and my only concern is that it was too brief to fully explain the amazing awesomeness that is the editorial machine known as Laliberte.
Over the past year, Laurie has exclusively edited my work. 
She is my go-to guy. My number one receiver. My confidant. My trusted adviser. My teacher, my partner, and if I were aboard a sinking submarine and had one phone call left to make to the single person on the planet I know would be resourceful enough and possess the necessary ass-kicking skills to get me out of there, it would be to her.
You follow me yet?  
If you are an author and considering publishing your work without retaining the services of an editor, you are entering the lion's den without a whip or a chair, buddy. 
If you are hiring an editor and it isn't Laurie Laliberte, in the comfortable vernacular of my day-job: Sucka, you stupid."  Bernard Schaffer

So, don't be stupid. Run, don't walk, to the warm, loving, sometimes painful, voluptuous (shhh, don't tell her I said that), always right embrace of her majesty, Laurie L.
For additional info:

You can email Laurie directly at

Now beat it, kid, I got a book to finish.


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