Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goodbye to Social Media (for the most part)

In 2013, I'm scaling down my social media presence.
Like, way down.
Google+ gone, Goodreads gone, LinkedIn gone, email list gone.  I'll keep this blog, Facebook and Twitter and that's it.  Give me a shout if you want to chat.  I always respond.
But wait, B.  Isn't that contrary to popular thinking?  Aren't independent authors supposed to be super-users of every fancy internet johnny-come-lately hot spot to create media buzz.
No, dummy.  Authors are supposed to write and read, and I'm sick of getting nothing but "READ MY BOOK IT'S KEWL" notices on all the stupid social media sites I signed up for.
I'm tired of yelling at people on Twitter to stop spamming me.  Tired of forgetting to update all twenty of my various blogs at various sites when I get around to writing one.  Tired of realizing I forgot to write one.
For 2013, I'm writing four books.  Four full-length, kick ass, take no prisoners books that are going to rock your face off.  And if I'm going to do said face-removal-rocking I can't be sitting around worrying about not blogging enough on Goodreads.
I came here to do one thing and one thing alone.  Not be a celebrity.  Not be an internet sensation.  Not go viral with anything I write or film.  Certainly not to blog.
I came to write books.  Books that last.  Books that matter.  Books that leave you a soaking wet puddle of goo in your bed begging for it to stop but not to end.
In 2013, I'm coming for you.  All of you.  


  1. Well now, since you will obviously not have time for it, can I have your X-box? ;o)

    Er, um, I mean, good luck, B. I know you can do it. Keep me busy. <3

  2. I wish you all the best in 2013 and beyond. I'm happy for you and I look forward to being a soaking-wet puddle of begging goo in my bed. Wow, that sounds so... well, great, actually. :)

    Happy New Year, Bernard. I hope it's filled with love, laughter and joy for you & yours.