Saturday, December 15, 2012

America Will Prevail

The problem with hugging our children tightly after a horrific tragedy is that we must eventually let them go. It doesn't do them any real good. Real good is effecting changes that ultimately result in a safer, better country.
Lets talk about that country for a second though.
The WWII generation is often called the greatest. Born from the shadow of WWI and the Depression, these sturdy individuals met the challenge of great evil and defeated it.
The baby boomers, who for better or worse have been steering the ship for my whole life, dealt with the ordeals of Vietnam and great social change.
And here we are. Confronted on multiple levels by economic crisis, maniacs, terrorists and extremists, weather emergencies, and a type of cultural war that leaves most of us frustrated and divided.
But as dark as these times are, they've been dark before. And the people of this country endured and fought and won.
From its very beginnings, the United States of America has met whatever was thrown our way and overcome it. We threw off the shackles of tyranny in the Revolutionary War and we defeated the institution of slavery in the Civil War.
We are, once again, tasked with a great challenge.
I'm here to let the people of this country and the rest of the world know, America has got this. We will endure, we will resist and we will prevail.
Our best is yet to come.

Bernard Schaffer
Made in the USA
(Rights given to republish wherever you see fit)

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