Monday, November 26, 2012

Immaculate Killers is DONE

Just wrapped up my end of the journey with Immaculate Killers.  Now, it's off to Laurie Laliberte for editing.   I don't foresee any heavy lifting on it though, so I'm confident it's going to be live in less than a week.
Here's some quick info for those of you who might be interested:
Immaculate Killers begins on the night of the Beothuk raid on Seneca 6, the same event that opened up the original Guns of Seneca 6 novel, but instead of following the Clayton family we get to find out what happened to Deputy Tom Masters.
Sam does show up, though, and readers will finally see what caused him to take the dead Beothuk warriors back to their homelands.
In addition, we meet a new character to the GOS6 world.  Winnie Graves is a young girl who turns to Tom Masters in the beginning to help her family.  We follow Winnie through what befalls them during their journey, and eventually meet her again as a grown woman in search of a legendary killer named Doc Halladay.
In this entry, Doc comes up against a group of scary thugs led by a man named Johnny Starr.  I'm sure the Apiary Society Wiki will spill the beans about the literary allusions, but I had fun with the parallels between the real-life people and the characters in the story.
When I first set out to tell this story, I pictured it being a quick and dirty affair like "Old-Time Lawmen."  Man, was I wrong.  At 35k+ words, it's nearly novel length.  That's so much for the better, however, because not only was it worth telling, but there is nothing as fun as walking a few miles in the boots of guys like Tom Masters and Doc Halladay.  I know you will enjoy the journey as well.

Bernard Schaffer

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