Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day of the Overdog


The Time has Come to Knuckle Up

Six New Short Stories from the Author of Superbia

Life is gonna beat you senseless into the dirt and pile on like fat linebackers to keep you from ever getting up. That ain't cynicism. It's just true. Won't be a matter of what's fair or right, either.
Don't matter how rich you are, pretty you are, or how tough you had it growing up. Nobody cares. Nobody helps. Hard facts, Jack.
Everybody in this whole world gets it this way. Pushed. Tested. Held to the flames. Most pick up stakes and run home to Mama. It's real easy to fold when you're staring down the barrel of something scary enough to make your bowels turn to water. Quitting is easy.
It's how the Fat Cats stay in power. It's what they expect. The bullies, the landlords, the ass-kissing backstabbing middle-managers at whatever soul-destroying job you endure all day just to make ends meet. So sit there and obey. Shut up and lay down. Take a fall.
Let's Get it On

Some people taste canvas and get up. They take shots hard enough to collapse buildings and still come back swinging.
The ones nobody believes in. The ones who don't get it easy. You'd be dumb to bet against them.

Don't call them underdogs.
The Stories

"Father's Day," a man will stop at nothing to save his family...even if he's already thrown them away
"Eye for an Eye," a crime-noir story about an NYPD detective who discovers a ruthless doctor is performing experimental procedures on children,and the cop's nephew is next
"The Juks," It's hard making a living on the streets. Especially when the cops are trying to set you up and your drug-dealer boss has a nasty habit of feeding snitches to his pitt-bulls
"Spokes in the Wheel," an American intelligence operative has to act on information in a world where nothing is what it seems
"The End is No End," everything you ever knew about the afterlife is wrong. A star-studded cast in this metaphysical journey through Heaven and hell...and beyond.
"Digestif II," the author's adventures as a teenage literary anarchist


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