Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Moral Test of Same Sex Marriage

My sister wants to marry someone outside of our government's designated religion, but she is not legally allowed to.  She lives in fear that her relationship will be found out and the two of them will be arrested.
Actually, my sister wants to marry a person outside of her race, but the county she lives in will not issue them a marriage certificate.  She lives in fear that the KKK will break into their house and kidnap her intended in the middle of the night and take him out into a field somewhere to be hanged.
Neither of these things are true, of course, because my sister is lucky enough to live somewhere that scoffs at such notions. The civilized mind laughs at the very idea and shakes his head in wonder that people ever actually thought that way.
The reality is that my sister is gay.  She and her fiance do not live in a state that currently recognizes the legal right of two people of the same gender to marry.
Future generations will look back on us and see either bravery or cowardice.
Either the victory of morality and human interest, or the bowing to fear-mongers and religious zealots.
I believe it is our obligation to these future generations to raise our voices, much in the same way that our fore-bearers did against religious control by the church over the state, against slavery, against segregation, against laws banning women's right to vote, and against control over our beloved country by a distant and greedy monarch.
People will tell you that it is UnAmerican to support gay rights.
Those people are IDIOTS.
They say it's a loss of our moral values and spiritual commitment to the Judeo-Christian God without whom none of this country would exist.
In truth, these people have no understanding of America at all.  They are bound to some make-believe tradition invented by people who want to control what we think, say, and do.
This is a country of revolutionaries.
Men and women who have time and time again risked their lives, liberty and security to speak out against what is wrong.  To raise up to the challenge of taking on the larger, scarier, oppressor and refusing to lay down.
And for those who insist on tying our country's foundations to the Christian faith, I've got news for you.  They are RIGHT.
But not the Christian faith that the Southern ministers talk about.  Not the Christian faith that the Pope in Rome talks about.  Not the Christian faith that the panicking fund-raisers cry out in defense of.
The faith of a man named Jesus Christ who looked around at the powerful government and religious institutions around him and said, "These people are full of crap."
A man who people swear so much devotion to, but refuse to emulate.  Christ washed the feet of whores and surrounded himself with sinners and the disenfranchised.  Why?  Because those people understood the value of what he was saying.  Those people had been through hell.  They were ready to fight for what was right.
So, with all that said, what makes gay marriage right?
Because it fundamentally adheres to the cornerstone of American values: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.    
Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who says otherwise is not telling you the truth.

Bernard Schaffer
American Patriot and Freethinker

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  1. My nephew was gay, and he and his partner loved each other deeply. When AIDS finally took Tim from us and he was dying, John gave him tender care, shaving his face every day and changing his adult diapers when he lost control of basic body functions. That kind of devotion is not seen in many heterosexual marriages. Unfortunately, John was not considered to be Tim's next of kin when he died. It was lucky that Tim's family (my sister and brother-in-law) loved John like a son-in-law and were happy to honor Tim's wishes for his final disposition as he expressed them to John. They were, as a couple, the epitome of married love. I only wish that they could have enjoyed the legal union that they deserved. So here's hoping that Heather and Stacy are someday allowed to stand proudly before a minister and declare their love for each other and their commitment to be married to each other for life.