Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Free Books Today!

I'm trying to increase exposure for three collections I have on Kindle that readers looking for something unique might enjoy.  All three books will be free on Kindle for July 26th through the 27th.  Any downloads and reviews would be greatly appreciated.  
Coordinates to Unmapped Places presents Bernard Schaffer's first comprehensive collection of short stories.  It includes entries from best-selling Women and Other Monsters and Resistance Front, as well as some of his more obscure, genre-oriented work The Kyoshi Scroll, Codename: Omega, and Ancient Rituals.
Considered one of the finest independent authors alive, this is one of the best collections on Kindle for readers to experience the author's ability to captivate, thrill, seduce and terrify.
Each short story will peel back the curtain just a little further into a dark world where anything is possible.

Knife Fights (Essays, Poems, + Weaponized Words) is a collection of short non-fiction by best-selling author Bernard Schaffer.
Essays such as "Way of the Warrior" (a cautionary essay about careers in Law Enforcement), "BJ Schaffer is Dead" (discussing his experiences as a child actor and star of Nickelodeon's "Don't Just Sit There"), and "Seeking Sergeant Schaffer" (about his search for his grandfather's roots).  Hard-hitting, masculine poems written from the gut as much as the heart.  Hysterical short pieces responding to the overly-sensitive critics of his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the international (and vulgar) best-seller Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes.

Regarding Freemasonry is a collection of essays investigating conspiracy theories and rumors about the Masons, Illuminati and NWO.

Afraid your city is filled with monuments to a heathen deity?
Is a nefarious secret society concealing hidden messages on your country's currency?
Are politicians around the world being replaced by Lizard People?
This sounds like a job for criminal investigator turned best-selling author Bernard Schaffer.
Examine the many rumors, myths, and outright lies that people spread about Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and New World Order.  Walk through history as the author discusses:
Jack the Ripper.  Did he kill his victims according to Masonic custom? Is that how he got away with it?
Is there a Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy plotting to enslave humanity?
Did a man named Albert Pike lay the groundwork for an international group that intends to dissolve all governments for their own dark purposes?
This easy-to-read, educational journey down history's more mysterious path will entertain and untangle the lies that have been spread around the world by fear-mongers.  Written in his signature style of biting humor and razor-sharp wit, this off-beat history lesson leaves no stone unturned as he fearlessly delves into the hidden recesses of everyone's favorite secret society.  Guaranteed to entertain and inform both Freemason and Conspiracy Theorist alike.

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