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The Superbia Series

In early 2012, author Bernard Schaffer released the first volume of Superbia, a stunning portrait of life for suburban police detectives battling the system as much as they fight crime.  That book entered the Kindle Top 100 in February of the same year.  Superbia 2 quickly followed to continue the story in a series that has been praised for its humor, honesty, and bravery.


Superbia: Police Officer Frank O'Ryan's knee exploded when struck by a bullet from the kid's gun. It was a junk gun, something with duct tape wrapped around the handle. It worked just fine though and Frank was going down.
His sergeant squirmed on the pavement, bleeding out from a gunshot to the chest, begging Frank not to let him die. Frank raised his weapon and fired. One round. Center mass of the suspect's chest. It was just a kid.
Not-Even-Promoted Detective Vic Ajax is the most hated man in his small suburban police department. The kind of cop who spends more time with drug dealers and burglars than he does with other cops, probably because he likes the dirtballs better. The brass keeps Vic down in the basement by himself, until the day Frank O'Ryan returns to work and gets ordered to be his partner.
Together, they'll take a journey into the dark heart of The Job.
Superbia is a world filled with grandfatherly pedophiles and drug zombies who hide their stashes in dirty baby diapers. It's a place where a group of rogue cops rely on an angry six-foot bunny called the Truth Rabbit for really tough interrogations.
In Superbia, doing the right thing can be a fatal career move and the bosses are more dangerous than any crook on the street. Superbia is the funniest, scariest, most brutal account of what good cops truly experience and most of the world never gets to know.

Superbia 2: Police Officer Frank O'Ryan's life hasn't gotten any easier since becoming his department's only Not-Even-Promoted Detective.  His mentor Vic is dead and gone, and yet still insists on harassing Frank to settle the score with their nemesis, the sadistic Chief Erinnyes.
The clock is ticking until Frank's final showdown, but first there are drug dealers to pursue, a beautiful new CI with grabby hands to avoid, and a violent murderer to apprehend.
Superbia 2 picks up where the first best-selling entry in the series left off and continues the groundbreaking series about what it's like to wear the badge.  Not the fancy places you always hear about like New York and LA.  The down and dirty suburbs where there's no back up and only the suck-ups survive.

Superbia Collected Edition: Now, for one low price, readers can enjoy books one and two of the SUPERBIA series, as well as supplemental materials that include interviews with the author and his best-selling Way of the Warrior essay detailing his philosophy of Law Enforcement.
Way of the Warrior ($1.49 on Kindle) details the author's experiences as a real-life police officer and offers insight as to what it means to protect and serve.  
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The Superbia police procedural law enforcement Kindle books are a series of police thrillers from author Bernard Schaffer.  The author is a second generation police veteran who grew up hearing police stories at the dinner table.
There are multiple police procedural Kindle books available, but Schaffer's voice is clearly the most authentic. His work is often compared to fellow lawman turned author, Joseph Wambaugh and Ed McBain, author of Cop Hater.

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