Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Guns of Seneca 6 Series

Get Your Guns Ready!  In the dusty plains beyond the wasteland is a world of outlaws, gunslingers and native tribes.  The Guns of Seneca 6 series blends the best of the Old West and science fiction for all out adventure.

Jem Clayton is the son of a murdered Sheriff, a hero, the kind who leaves a shadow behind.  Jem is no hero though.  He's an outlaw, a highwayman as famous for his lightning-fast raids as he is for the gentlemanly way he treats the women he encounters during them.
That all changes when an intergalactic marshal crash lands near the mining settlement of Seneca 6 with Elijah Harpe, one of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals.  The marshal is looking for a place to hide until help arrives, before the rest of the Harpe Gang shows up.  Little does he know, they're already on their way and they're bringing a weapon of devastating alien power.
Now, it's up to Jem and a few of his father's old friends, including one irascible old gunslinger named Doctor Royce Henry Halladay, to defend their home.
For readers of Cowboys and Indians books who love old west outlaws and old west fiction.  This scifi western is reminiscent of the old west stories about Doc Holliday, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp, while being a new kind of gunslinger kindle book completely.
Old-Time Lawmen

Old-Time Lawmen is a short-story prequel to Guns of Seneca 6.  Fan favorite, Sheriff Sam Clayton returns in this tale about a man accused of a vicious crime. Things kick off when a father catches Zeke the Assistant Mortician in his little girl's bedroom.
Zeke is about to take a short walk off a long cliff unless he can somehow manage to convince the Sheriff that it was all a big misunderstanding.  Sam Clayton's brand of justice is swift and permanent, especially when it comes to people hurting children, so Zeke better do some fast talking if he wants to survive.
Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6

Jem Clayton just can't get used to being an upstanding citizen.  As the Sheriff of Seneca 6 people want to complain to him about all sorts of trivial things and he can't be bothered.  When a wagon full of bank robbers show up, it's time for Jem to unload his frustrations in more ways than one.
Soon, Jem is embroiled in an adventure with a crazy old preacher to hunt down a bandit posing as Jem's former alter-ego "Gentleman Jim," except this one is selling kidnapped women to off-world slave traders.  
The three Beothuk boys from the first book return to take on a quest in search of a new Chief for their tribe. Their journey brings them into the company of a fanatical rebel Beothuk who is preparing to make war on the white settlers.
It won't be long before Jem's Colt Defeaters are firing and the lead starts flying in this non-stop, action-packed sequel to Guns of Seneca 6.
The first Seneca 6 book delighted fans of Firefly, Tombstone, and Star Wars alike. The second book is guaranteed to leave you breathless.
The Collected Saga

The Guns of Seneca 6 Collected Saga contains the above listed novels and short-stories all in one edition for an extremely low price of $4.99. 
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