Monday, July 9, 2012

Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 Kindle Event 7/11/12

On July 11, 2012, the Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 will debut on Amazon Kindle worldwide.
To celebrate the release, I've listed the first Guns of Seneca 6 book and the "Old-Time Lawmen" short story prequel for free on 7/11 and 7/12.
The entire Guns of Seneca 6 series can be picked up for just $2.99 during those two days only.

Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 will be $2.99 on Kindle and free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

An early reader review has this to say: "TheMagnificent Guns of Seneca 6 takes what was started in the first book andcranks everything up a notch. This is quite possibly one of the best adventuresyou will ever read."

Get a head start on the other gunslingers by reading the first three chapters early here: 

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