Monday, July 2, 2012

Books Free on Amazon Prime

The following titles by Bernard Schaffer are free for Amazon Prime subscribers.  Borrow your copy today! 

The Superbia Series: The world of police work is a dangerous, terrifying place...and that's just dealing with other cops.  Called the literary equivalent of The Wire and one of the most subversive books on law enforcement ever written. 


Guns of Seneca 6 Series: It's the Old West set on a distant planet, filled with outlaws, gunslingers, native tribes and much more.  


Whitechapel Series: The fog is dense and the cobblestone streets of London's East End run with blood.  This new and exciting take on the classic characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books will leave readers stunned.  


(See also the final story in Codename: Omega that features a young woman named Emily Watson who claims to be the grandaughter of both The Great Detective and his faithful assistant as she heads up a mysterious organization known as The Apiary Society.)

Schaffer Collected Editions: Collections of all the author's shorter works.

Non-Fiction works


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