Friday, May 18, 2012

The Schaffer Collected Editions Have Arrived

He's been called "One of the best independent authors alive" and "El Presidente of the Kindle All-Stars," but for Bernard Schaffer, it all comes down to the stories. This volume collects his short fiction from a variety of sources that demonstrate his talent and diversity. 

Stories include Old-Time Lawmen (a Guns of Seneca 6 Prequel) from Resistance Front, Room Service and more from Women and Other Monsters, The Kyoshi Scroll, and the Ancient Rituals and Codename: Omega novellas.
In 2011, independent author Bernard Schaffer burst onto the scene with an arsenal of keen storytelling ability and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Since that time he has come to be hailed as "One of the best independent authors alive" and "El Presidente of the Kindle All-Stars." We'll let the man speak for himself: 
From "An Ode to Print From One Bent on Destroying It" 
To the vanity presses and subsidized publishing contracts, the agents who charge fees or don’t bother to answer carefully crafted query letters from unknowns, the writer’s marketplace guides and all of the parasitic industries that thrived while propping up that rickety machine of traditional publishing, I say, “Farewell.” 
I’ll bear witness when you wheeze and gasp, when your last cog is thrown and black smoke escapes from your rusted hull. I do not say this with pride. I say it simply as an observer of history who knows that everything changes. Systems collapse. Empires are not safe. 
You folks had a good run. 
Now get out of our way. 
Chambered Rounds collects Schaffer's essays and non-fiction pieces from a variety of sources, including Resistance Front, Knife Fights, Way of the Warrior, Regarding Freemasonry, and more.

The Schaffer Collected Editions have arrived at all three major Ebook distributors, including Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Smashwords for all digital formats.
Below are links to the books and the stories contained within them.


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