Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 5th: A Kindle Miracle

I've managed to time it so that every single one of my books will be available for FREE on Saturday May 5th 2012.  You can download any of the below titles completely free of charge.  Now is a great time to pick up any of the titles that you missed out on.  It's an even better time to check out some of my more eclectic projects that might pleasantly surprise you.  Into Jack the Ripper?  I suggest you read the all-new chapter about Jack in Regarding Freemasonry.  Enjoyed Superbia?  Give the gunslingers of Seneca 6 a try.

Remember, if you pick up a book for free and enjoy it, consider leaving a review.  Authors appreciate them immensely.  Take care, and enjoy reading.


  1. Bernie, you are turning into the consummate marketeer. If you were hawking snake-oil cures I would have a hard time resisting your pitch.

    I am looking forward to the samurai story I missed.

    And, I will check out Spring-Heel Jack as well.

    As always, you're the best... keep the faith and keep up the great writing.

  2. I happened on the Superbia collected edition..... I have been late for work ignored the kids and generally been an immobile lump for 2 days reading your work....... The best...... Truly the best and the most entertaining, enthralling bold I have EVER read!

    Any chance of a number 3?

    1. Hi Jim. Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate them. Yes, there will be a 3rd (and final) Superbia. I'm looking forward to finishing it out after I get a few other projects squared away.
      Any chance you might leave a review for the Collected Edition? It could definitely use some.
      Thanks again, my friend.