Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Double-Feature! (Zombies, Samurai, and Secret Agents!)

From the Author's introduction: 

"The stories in this volume emerged from the days before everything went digital. Back when you had to lay a nickel on the record player’s arm to keep the needle from skipping. Back when you had to know someone’s phone number. Back before George Lucas was abducted by aliens and replaced by a soulless robot. If this was playing on your television, there wouldn’t be any fancy graphics. No green screen or CGI graphics or anything nearly so distracting. 
Just a samurai slashing his way through a hungry horde of flesh-eaters. Just a secret agent trying to escape a Nazi experimental weapons facility. 
Perfect for a Saturday afternoon. 
Perfect for a double-feature."

This single-volume combines two novellas by best-selling author Bernard Schaffer for one low price of $2.99. 
"The Kyoshi Scroll" is the story of a samurai battling his way through a zombie-infested village to rescue his young daughter. 
"Codename: Omega" is the adventures of secret-agent Sean Price as he battles Nazis, wicked CIA operatives, and goes back in time to kill Adolph a child.

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