Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free For One Night Only!

Conspiracy Theory Fruitcakes of the Internet, prepare to do battle!  
Best-selling author Bernard Schaffer has returned to set the record straight regarding Freemasonry, in this all-new, completely revised and expanded novella titled "Regarding Freemasonry."  
This new edition now includes the following chapters: 
Chapter 1: Regarding Freemasonry
Chapter 2: Proof of a Conspiracy!  Or, Something Close to It
Chapter 3:  An Incomplete but Still Thoroughly Engaging List of People Who Were Freemasons
Chapter 4: The Internet, or, Affirmations for Silly People
Chapter 5: Which Brings Us to Jack the Ripper
Chapter 6: Somewhere, a Whole Lot of Villages Are Missing Their Idiots
Chapter 7: But Wait, It Gets Better
Chapter 8: Blame It All On Albert Pike (I Do)
Chapter 9: And With All That Said, Something IS Rotten in Denmark
Chapter 10: Questions and Answers
Written in Schaffer's signature style of biting humor and razor-sharp wit, this off-beat history lesson leaves no stone unturned as he fearlessly delves into the hidden recesses of everyone's favorite secret society.  Guaranteed to entertain and inform both Freemason and Conspiracy Theorist alike.  Well...maybe one more than the other.  

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