Sunday, April 1, 2012

The $25 Amazon Gift Card Contest: Results, and Amusements

I received multiple entries for the Amazon Gift Card Contest, and this morning had the privilege of randomly selecting four winners.
The only rule for the contest was for someone to send me the last word from one of the eligible books.  Some people sent me the last word in the manuscript.  Some, the last word from the acknowledgement.  I wasn't picky.
One person I'd never heard of before sent me the word: "Rituals."
I wrote her back: "...From which book is that?"
Her: "Ancient Rituals."
Me: "Sorry, that's incorrect.  Want to try again?"
Her: "No it isn't.  The last word of Ancient Rituals is Rituals."
Me: "'s supposed to be for the last word in the book.  Not the title, hon."
Her: "Well I don't have the book."
Me: "Ok.  Good luck."
Another person entered the contest with not just the last word from one book, but from SEVEN different books.  Unfortunately, she lives in the UK, and Amazon gift cards bought in the US cannot be used to purchase anything on there.  So, I am trying to get her address.  I'm going to send her an autographed book and a cover print from Women and Other Monsters.

Here are the winners:

Kayla A., for Guns of Seneca 6
Kelly M, for Superbia
Leila S, for Whitechapel
Heather C, for Whitechapel

Thank you to everyone who entered.  I appreciate all the support.

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