Monday, February 13, 2012

Reader Review Appreciation #1

Reader reviews are the lifeblood of an independent publisher.  You can't be successful without them.  I've had reviews that called me the second-coming of Stephen King and reviews that called the way my parents raised me into question.  You have to just roll with it.  There have been plenty of times when I've steamed over something someone said, but not enough times when I had the chance to really thank someone for not only buying my book, not only taking the time to read it, but also to leave a well-informed review on Amazon.

I'm going to be highlighting some of my favorites here, starting with one of the books that is nearest and dearest to me.  GUNS OF SENECA 6.  (Note, not ALL my favorites will be here.  Some people write reviews for multiple books, and I want to spread it around.)
So here goes:

"Outlaws, savages, aliens, and a town under martial law: This is not the Wild West as you know it," from David Hulegaard.  David is a godsend.  He's a talented writer, editor, interviewer, and worthy friend.  He's always honest in his reviews, whether good or bad, and the only thing that pisses me off is that the guy writes better descriptions of my books than I do.

"A damned good western," from Gretchen Rix.  Gretchen is a damned fine western author in her own right and even though I'm sure space aliens and cannibal hillbillies weren't her cup of tea, she still gave the book a chance and found its inner cowboy.

"Take Firefly, add a little steampunk, and throw in some classic Western mythology such as the story of Wyatt Earp and the Gunfight at the OK Corral and you've got Seneca 6," from Tony Healey, of  Tony is just one of the coolest people out there in the independent publishing world.  He's passionate, both about his writing and maintaining one of the smartest, best-looking websites out there.

"As mentioned by another reviewer, I am also a huge Firefly fan.  I also enjoy westerns.  This book had the nitty-gritty feel of both, along with some good sci-fi.  I envisioned Sam Elliot as the first sheriff (probably why his name was Sam) and Nathan Fillion as Jem.  I had no problem picturing Val Kilmer as Doc -- the way he spoke and his mannerisms gave me a Tombstone feel," from K.L Cole "ReelLady" from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I don't know anything about Miss Cole, other than that.  The reason I picked her review was that she mentioned the whole Firefly thing.

I get that a lot with Guns of Seneca 6.  Unfortunately, I've never seen the show or the movie.  I keep meaning to, but with so many things to do, I just can't find the time.  I know people are passionate about it, and for them to compare something they admire so much to my story is an honor.

PS: The Val Kilmer as Doc was dead on.  In fact, in my heart of hearts, if there's ever a movie for Guns of Seneca 6, I'm going to INSIST that Kilmer play the part.  It's perfect, because Halladay is older than his real-life counterpart, so we've got time, Val.  Yes we do.

I'll be posting more of these for my various books.  Keep leaving those reviews, even for the books I've already listed, because I will definitely be doing this again.  Thanks, as always, for all the support. 

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