Saturday, January 21, 2012

Superbia is Live on Amazon for $2.99

Superbia is, by far, my most important work.  It is the culmination of not only my fifteen years spent in police work, but an entire life of being surrounded by cops and observing what their lives are like.  It was an incredibly difficult book for me to write, not mechanically, but because it forced me to delve deep into some things that I tend to keep at bay. 

Reactions have been strong, to say the least:

This is your Schindler's List. And I'm on my third read. And just now realizing there's going to have to be a fourth read. Because this book is that important.  And I really want a f**king cigarette.”

I’ve often said that this book will be the one that ends my police career.  Whether that means a good or bad ending, I cannot say.  My only job was to tell the truth.  There isn’t a soul on the planet who can ever say I didn’t at least accomplish that. 

Whether or not Superbia is the equivalent of Saving Private Ryan (Another comparison I received.  Two amazing films.  Both by Spielberg.  Strange.) or Schindler’s List, is not for me to say.  I’ll let the readers of the world decide.  It is filled with all of the humor, heroism, and horror that I’ve seen on a daily basis since I first took the oath to protect and serve.   

Superbia. is $2.99 on Kindle.  For a complete list of Kindle apps that will let you read this book if you do not own a Kindle, click here

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