Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome To Superbia

     Thirty-six thousand police officers protect and serve the citizens of New York City.  The five boroughs of New York combined in 1898, creating a jurisdiction of four hundred and sixty-eight square miles.  Thirty-six thousand cops.  One Commissioner.  Same uniform.  Same directives.  More than twice the size of the FBI. 
    The City of Philadelphia is surrounded by three counties, all of which are broken into small municipalities that operate independently of one another.  Montgomery County is four hundred and eighty seven square miles, and contains over sixty individual townships and boroughs.  Bucks County and Delaware County are much the same.  Different governments, different boards of supervisors, different police departments. 
    Malls, Shopping Centers, Age-Restricted Housing Developments, Upscale Restaurants, Box Stores, Farms that make more money selling tickets to their Halloween Maze than they do on crops, Low-Income Housing clusters owned by absentee landlords.
    Low-Budget Newspapers, Movie Theaters, Rich Kids taking pills, Rich Kids selling pills, Rich Kids overdosing and dying. 
    Small Towns.  Big Towns determined to stay small, think small, keep the budget small. 
    The people in charge are the people who have been in charge, and the people who will remain in charge, as long as they keep the taxes down. 
    Everything is perfect, or at least, better than it would be in the City. 
    Somewhere, at the bottom of the barrel, are the people you call when the cracks begin to show. 
    Welcome to Superbia.     


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  1. I look forward to another great story from that oh so interesting mind.