Monday, January 9, 2012

New Erotica Short Story Collection is Coming THIS WEEK

An excerpt:

             Madame Rosalita read through each page carefully, sometimes smiling, sometimes recoiling and staring at me with grave concern.  She chain-smoked thin cigarettes while she read, filling the room with haze.  There was thick makeup on her face, giving her cartoonishly large, shadowy eyes and pencil-thin eyebrows that appeared drawn on.  Her cleavage was ridiculous.  The open blouse revealed at least three-quarters of each pendulous breast.  I found myself looking at them a little too long.  Luckily, whatever Alejandro Flores had written was captivating enough to keep her attention.
            She finished reading the last page and said, “SeƱor Flores is an absolute pervert.”
            “He is disgusting in what he writes.  It is an outrage that you bring such scandalous things into a religious person’s home.”
            “I had no idea,” I said.  “Listen, I’m sorry.  All I wanted was to know what this man sent to me and why.”
            “You are pervert too, yes?” she said.  “He said you write dirty story called ‘Ancient Rituals’ that you were no allowed to publish in book called WOMEN AND OTHER MONSTERS?  Angry axe woman threaten to chop off pieces of you if you include it.”
             “Angry Hatchet,” I said.  “That was my editor’s nickname.  She doesn’t really have a hatchet.”
            Madame Rosalita nodded thoughtfully and began sorting through the pages.  “Alejandro  Flores say he read this story, and it is no good.”
            I sat back in my chair, letting out a sigh.  “All this just to tell me he didn’t like something I wrote?” 
            “You no let me finish.  He say story is no good because it is not complete.  He say you did not tell most important part.  So he wrote it for you.”
            “Fantastic.  Now some Spanish guy who doesn’t even have the decency to use email is re-writing my stories?  That’s just awesome.”
            “I think he just added parts.  What he say you left out.”
            She picked up the pages and showed them to me.  “I must warn you, he is very explicit.” 


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