Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mission Accomplished

No, not THAT mission.
But thanks for the support Dubya.

So, we are at the final day of my two week vacation, which was a thinly disguised (Not disguised, I wrote a blog about it) chunk of time that I dedicated to achieving several goals.

Figured I'd update you all about my progress.

Goal One was to complete and publish the Ancient Rituals collection.  That was taken care of pretty easily, thanks to Laurie's rapid read through and editing abilities.  It hasn't sold much in the past three days, but I haven't been promoting it much either.

My new promotional efforts are pretty much regulated to offering the book for free on Amazon (via the KDP Select Program) for a few days.  That seems to move the the book all by itself once it goes back on sale.

Speaking of the KDP Select Program, I'm pretty happy to find out the numbers for how much each author will receive per borrow.  $1.70 is a fair price per unit.  I had 200 borrowed.  It's all found money as far as I'm concerned.  Amazon is bumping up the fund an extra $200,000 for January.

Goal Two was to get some reading done.  I finished Hell House by Richard Matheson and left a review on Amazon and Goodreads.  I make it a rule to leave reviews for every book I read, since I value the ones left for my books so much.  Even the bad ones.  Just not the bad ones left by stupid people.  I've made some progress on The Angel's Game, but it seems that even though I read a chapter at a time, it never ends.  Perhaps Zafon is a sorcerer who has tricked me into reading never-ending book.  You feel like you are making progress, but in reality, he has you forever.

Goal Three was to finish the rewrite of Superbia.  I finished it a day and a half early, and am extremely pleased with the result.  I know there's going to be fall out from the book but I wrote it as honestly as I could and make no apologies for it.  Copies were sent out to a handful of trusted people, and I cannot wait to see their responses.

I'm so excited about the book, I've been tinkering with a cover.  Check it out:

I like the simplicity of it.  It reminds me of the old paperbacks I used to buy at the Book Swap on Horsham Road.

Goal Four was to get some gaming done.  Did that, my friends.  Did.  That.  After every few chapters, I'd jump online and pew pew pew myself into Modern Warfare 3 bliss.  I hate campters.  I really, really, really hate campers.  

So now that I've met my goals and still have a day off tomorrow, the obvious question is what shall I do?

Well...there's four books that need to be written for this year, and they aren't going to magically write themselves.  Sigh.  A laborer's job is never done.

Read that Konrath made $100,000 in three weeks on Amazon.  Truthfully, I don't get excited or depressed about it either which way.  Good for him.  Doesn't affect me at all.  The one thing I WAS excited about was that he posted a snapshot of his Seller's Account and I saw all those Refunded Units he had.  I always take Refunds kind of personal.  It's like being rejected.  They hurt, for some reason.  It was refreshing to see that our most successful peer (COMPETITOR) gets them too.

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  1. Like the cover. I'm very into the graphic simplicity of covers like the ones from the '60s in the kind of Saul Bass style.

    And the only thing I envy about people who have outside jobs is that they get to take vacations -- working at home I never seem to manage it.