Saturday, December 10, 2011

Steve Wacker and Mark Waid: Comic Book Badasses

Incredibly interesting exchange between three heavyweights in the comic book world.  Joe Michael Straczynski has apparently lost his mind, and took a pretty lowdown shot at the Amazing Spider-Man team.  (Comic geek note: JMS wrote a hugely successful Amazing Spidey run that ended about a year ago.)  Steve Wacker, the books current editor, took offense to the post and called him on it.  Those two went back and forth for awhile, when out of nowhere, badass Mark Waid came out of nowhere and just leveled Straczynski.  Flat.  Off the top turnbuckle.  See for yourself here.
First off, let me say good for Steve Wacker for standing up for his people.  In this PC world of bullshit, it is refreshing to see a guy chincheck a "celebrity" who should have had some class.
Secondly, even bigger props to Mark Waid.  If seeing an editor taking a stand against a celebrity is rare, seeing another celeb stand up for the editor is even rarer.  Considering the swarms of people who would give their left arm to have the chance to pen a comic book, it's pretty sad to see someone given the opportunities that Straczynski has seen take a dump on them.

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