Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kindle All-Stars Editing and eBook Marketing Services

Independent authors can compete directly with mainstream publishing houses. The profits are greater for those who brave it. Creators retain rights to their work and control of their careers. However, for independent artists to be successful they must present a polished, professional product to the public.

Mainstream publishers possess limitless editing, proofreading, and marketing resources. Options for independent authors can vary wildly in terms of price and quality.

Until now, that is. The Kindle All-Stars are here to save the day.

Introducing Kindle All-Stars Editorial Services

Authors who contract with the Kindle All-Stars will receive two full line-edits of their finished manuscript. Line-edits involve specific editing done sentence by sentence with track changes to show exactly what is being suggested.

Upon finalizing the editing process, your book will then be proofread twice for grammatical and typographic errors.

Your manuscript is guaranteed to go to formatting with the most professional looking product available.

Post-Editing Support

Best-selling independent author Bernard J. Schaffer will custom craft a marketing plan for your book using mainly free services. You will receive guidance on enhancing and monetizing your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social networking to sell your book.

Authors new to the uploading process with the three main distribution outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords) will receive expert guidance how to make their book available for sale.

Finally, your book will receive three to four customer reviews that are ready to go live the day it is released, on all of the sites where it is listed and more.

In addition, you will receive one promotional endorsement from El Presidente himself, Bernard J. Schaffer, for your websites and author's pages.

$1,800 (US)

Payment options are available, including $150 increments per month until the completion of the contract.

Paypal and major credit cards accepted. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED.

To Apply, contact:

Copy and Paste answers to the following questions into your email:

1. Name of the author

2. Name of the piece being submitted

3. Length and genre of work (Completed manuscripts ONLY. As you will receive TWO line-edits, it is highly recommended that you do not send first drafts of your novel. Make sure that you only send your most polished that we may tear it to shreds.) (Don't be upset by that idea. When we rebuild it, it will only be stronger, we promise.)

4. Writing background and publishing history, with links to where all your current work is available. (Experience is not necessary)

5. Links to your public websites and social network profiles.

6. No payment is necessary until you are accepted and the contract is signed. You will be provided a link at that time for payment depending on the method you select.


“Bernard is a nonpareil editor who knows how to make a story sing."Toni Dwiggins, author of Badwater
“Bernard Schaffer is not only a marvelous writer, but is also dedicated to honing his craft and finding new and innovative ways to bring his work and the work of other authors to readers. In addition to telling a darn good story, he tirelessly champions the art of writing and is helping to shape the new paradigm in publishing. He's a pleasure to work with.” Keri Knutson, author of the Maddie Pryce Series
“Whether you're a reader or an aspiring author, there is no better place to start than with Bernard Schaffer. As a writer in need of refinement, I selected Bernard as my mentor... I am grateful that I stumbled across his work, and appreciative of all that he has taught me since.”  David Hulegaard, author of Noble 
"Schaffer is, and this should give everyone cause for concern, a rare kind of writer nowadays: An honest one. In a time when many 'authors' are more akin to thoughtless monkeys trying to hammer out some tween-friendly vampire mashup abomination, Schaffer tells the truth with a new voice." William Vitka, author of Infected

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  1. I don't get this. You want to charge $1800 regardless of the length of the typescript? Are you saying your fee is the same for a 7,000 word short story or a 120,000 blockbuster novel?

    Professional editor charge by the word in my experience.

  2. Thanks for giving me the chance to clear that up. I'm not offering the service for short stories. Just novels. There are people who charge by the word and people who charge by the "correction." I find both are dubious. This is a flat fee so people know exactly what to expect.