Friday, October 17, 2014

Ready for the Interview Chair

It's been several years since I've given any interviews, but I'm ready. If you have a blog, webpage, book club, YouTube Channel, well-attended sobriety meeting for penguins, it doesn't matter. Let me know. No holds barred. 
I want to talk about the Confederation Reborn project, but we can discuss independent publishing, writing, other authors, my personal life, and anything else you want to throw at me. 
Let's go.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Confederation Reborn

Several years ago I began a project called Return Fire, set in the Star Trek universe approximately fifty years after The Next Generation. Because it was a licensed property,there was always little hope of doing anything beyond publishing it as "fan fiction" and giving it away for free.
That didn't bother me. I love giving books away, but because there are only a few limited outlets for "fan fiction" it was only read by a small handful of people. Needless to say, time passed, and I only ever wrote two of the three episodes.
There were two brief glimmers of hope for Return Fire. First, Amazon began offering licenses for various properties, including Vampire Diaries, GI Joe, etc. I became hopeful that they'd get Star Trek as well, but that didn't happen.
Then, I asked my agent to contact the Star Trek rights holders directly and see if they'd be interested in letting me take a crack at it. As far as I know, they never even emailed him back.
Judging from the abysmal quality of what passes for Star Trek fiction these days, I can't say I'm either surprised or disappointed by that. As anyone who knows me will attest, when enough people tell me no, I tend to come out swinging.
Thus: Confederation Reborn.
I am beyond excited to announce that I am heading up an incredible new project that will unite multiple best-selling science fiction authors. We'll all be coming together under one banner, to reignite the flames of wonder. Kicking things of will be Return Fire, parts 1, 2 and 3. I've written all three before publishing anything, because I want them to all release on the same day. No one will have to wait.
After that, my good friend Tony Healey and I will be releasing another three-parter set in the same universe.
And after that...well, it's just going to keep on growing.
Thank you to everyone over the past few years who asked me about Return Fire. I'm so glad to tell you that it will be finished soon, and the wait has been worth it.
I'll keep everyone posted as to when it is coming out.

Friday, October 3, 2014

I Choose to be Alone

Been giving this a lot of thought lately. What could a man accomplish in a year if he focused on himself?
Imagine If I shed the distractions and requirements of being in any kind of romantic relationship, choosing instead to focus on three specific areas: Health and physique; Financial prosperity; Literary Supremacy.
For just one year. I think, if I could manage to do that, and apply myself completely, I would emerge at the other end like a king.
That one year of investing, and the foundation it lays, would pay dividends for the rest of my life.
It's a scary thing for me to decide to be alone.
I was married at 25, + that lasted eight years. Since then I've been in one relationship that lasted a year, and an engagement that lasted over five. Okay, there were a couple other things in between also, but that is not the point...The point is, I've never spent a significant period of time working on me. Doing things for me. Investing in me.
My ex-wife told me today that she got hired to shoot someone's 40th Surprise Birthday costume party celebration. Someone loves that guy enough, whoever he is, to plan all that out and make it come true.
I turn 40 in ten days.
There will be no surprise Birthday costume party celebration.
In some ways I feel guilty for not having my life together enough to warrant that. I worry that I should be settled down and not still have so many questions about my future.
It just feels like this is the perfect opportunity for me to step away from the relationship circus and reboot the entire situation. Sure, I could run out and find the first person who would have me and sigh a breath of relief that I won't be spending the rest of my life alone. Or I can be brave, throw myself on the forge, and see what kind of new thing I can become.
If you keep repeating the same steps, you keep getting the same results. I want something new. Something amazing. Something shockingly good. I fully believe that will take hard work and serious effort, but like anything else, you get what you put into it.
I'm going to put my everything into it and see what comes out next October. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Everything is Disposable Now

It's like all the speed and accessibility this technology has given us comes at a price. Things seem so much more disposable now. Not just things. Relationships. People.
You meet someone using any one of the multiple methods that don't include being face to face, and you can pick them up and put them down with ease, because there are dozens of others.
So many, they all begin to blend.
Of course, you can be picked up and put down just as fast. Because, just like with you, there are also dozens of others.
Maybe we're all trapped in ice cream shops, stuffing ourselves on free samples but ordering nothing. Maybe we're all just digital now and don't have to live in the real world. Maybe it's just retweets and Facebook Likes and late nights and text fights and meme sound bites and pictures you're embarrassed you sent but at least you changed the filter
and lit it right.
We got to know each other, or at least I thought we did.
You were the one who'd been single your whole life, or fought an addiction. No wait, you were the one who had a kid.
It's like everything is disposable now and
there's no one to walk the canals with at dusk
no secrets to peel away like petals of a flower
no one to trust
no one to hold that does not turn to dust
if I made you feel disposable it wasn't true
and don't think I don't mean it even though
I won't remember you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Women (At Least Up Til Now)

Like any sailor sees bad weather
I've visited ports of call, far and wide
where they speak in strange tongues
and would keep you as a slave
and sometimes, a king.
Like any traveler I have left
places that now haunt my dreams
and all the new islands I have seen
does not lessen their sting.
There are places I swore I'd return
knowing it was a lie
places I never mapped
to keep them hidden from any other eyes
warm waters I plunged deep inside
cold streams I drank from
rare fruit I sucked dry
and natives I loved.
And I left them all
or sometimes, they left me
marooned with the sharks
or wrecked in the waves
clutching to debris.
I've heard territorial beasts
growling from the jungle's depths
to warn me from setting foot within.
There are places I once considered home
that I will never see again.
My father, like his father,
was a sailor just as I
but unlike my father, or his father,
I won't be at sea when I die.
No raging storm or swell or gale
will see my hand thrown from this wheel
or my foot unseated from this bow
I'll arrive where I might with my flag
unfurled and anchor my ship
on that new warm shore
I'll name and chart and claim that place
and then I
will sail
no more.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So This Struck Me as Funny...

Considering the last blog I posted about I'm messing up the Jesus/Lawyer apple cart.

New Poem: Just Shut Your Mouth and Pay the Bills

Just shut your mouth and pay the bills.
I have a variety of ills
headaches that keep me on the couch
my shoulder hurts
I can't go out
the kitchen's dirty,
it bothers me
I need something but it isn't you
don't talk to me
I can't stand you.

Just shut your mouth and pay the bills.
Maybe it's all these pills
maybe I just need to move away
start the family we talked about?
maybe after you
stop acting out.

Just shut your mouth and pay the bills.
It's like we have a clash of wills
I grew up a certain way
you don't understand, don't touch me
you sound just like my father
or your father
or any other man don't bother
me today, yesterday or tomorrow
I don't want you
so don't chase after me
don't follow
or tell me that you love me
because I can't be loved
I can't be loved, I'm damaged.
It doesn't matter what you say
so please

just shut your mouth and pay the bills.